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Job Description

Professional who combines his development experience by implementing the best practices, adhering to an intuitive user interface and desired by the client; All this Implementation carried out through agile development methodologies for multiplatform Apps.

Product Owner

Job Responsabilities

-Understand business needs.
-Collaboration with the client in the definition and achievement of objectives.
-Project planning in all its aspects. (Distribution in phases, milestones and objectives).
-Planning of technical needs, dates, deadlines, responsible, resources and costs.
-Actively work together with the development team during the Sprint to guide the development of the project towards the goal.
-Maintaining relationships with external agents.
-Situational decision making.
-Identification of faults and adoption of pertinent solutions.
-Carry out reporting tasks and monitoring of progress and performance.
-Supervise tasks: You must be aware of each task, measure its evolution and the performance of those involved, as well as detect the associated risks.
-Have a good knowledge of business and strategic marketing


Required Studies:
-Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering, Programming
-Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

Required Experience:
-3-6 Years

Required Soft Skills:
-Strategic vision
-Decision capacity
-Assertive communication
-Negotiation and handling of situations
-Customer service

Required Product Owner Skills:
-Experience technology companies
-Projects management
-Analysis of data
-KPI study

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