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Job Description

Professional who combines his development experience by implementing the best practices, adhering to an intuitive user interface and desired by the client; all this Implementation carried out through agile development methodologies for multiplatform Apps

Flutter Dev

Job Responsabilities

-Fixed problems and improved application performance.
-Research and implementation of new technologies or features of the platform.
-Code versioning.
-Ensure coding standards.
-Implementation of back-end for the correct functioning of the application.
-Testing and validation of quality.


Required Studies:
-Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering, Programming

Required Experience:
-1-3 Years
Required Soft Skills

Required Soft Skills:
-Decision capacity
-Assertive communication
-Detail oriented
-Problem resolution
-Communicative skills
-Stress management

Required Dev Skills:
-Git y Git-Flow
native development
-MySQL y SQLite
-Servicios REST y/o -GraphQL
-Angular 8+
-Clean Architecture

If you want to be part of our team please leave your details here:

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