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We design innovative apps, products & experiences in Low-Code and Flutter.

Make Singular Design your trusted Agile partner, taking you from ideation all the way to launch.

Singular Agency

was built for these roles in mind:

We get your MVP ready in weeks. When working with us, you’ll get to market faster than your competitors and raise funding from investors in no time.

Forget about the headaches associated with traditional development systems. Our Low-code and Futter solutions are just what you need.

Own your marketing stack from top to bottom, and rapidly ship new ideas without needing support from IT.

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We're a global

no-code agency

We're a team of designers, builders, and thinkers helping great companies bring their ideas to life in a matter of days, not months. We're adamant about visual development tools and no.code solutions to make it happen.

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Multidisciplinary Team

We build end to end software solutions, delivering you with a complete technological product