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Schu MX


Flutterflow, Airtable, Shopify


UX/UI Design, Development

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The Challenge

The Mexican financial system faced challenges in providing credit access to a significant portion of the population. Many employees, despite having stable jobs, struggled to obtain credit due to limited credit histories and formal documentation. This lack of access to credit prevented employees from acquiring essential products, leading to financial hardships and restricted opportunities for growth and development.

Schu MX

SCHU is a forward-thinking financial technology (FinTech) company based in Mexico, dedicated to providing financial inclusion for employees who lack access to traditional credit systems. The company's unique solution revolves around offering installment-based payment options, backed by employers, to help employees purchase essential products, starting with a focus on selling shoes. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, SCHU automates the backend process using Airtable, streamlines B2B relationships through Flutterflow, and ensures a seamless shopping experience for end-users via Shopify.

The Solution

SCHU's primary strategy was to offer installment-based payment options for essential products, initially starting with shoes. Employers could sign up with SCHU and back their employees' purchases through payroll deductions. SCHU utilized Airtable to automate inventory management, order processing, and communication with partner businesses. Flutterflow was employed to create a user-friendly dashboard for employers to manage transactions and track engagement. For the end-user experience, SCHU integrated with Shopify, ensuring a smooth and secure shopping journey for customers.

"The goal of the project was to foster financial inclusion in Mexico by enabling employees without access to credit to enjoy the benefits of installment-based payments, thus improving their overall well-being and empowerment."

The Outcome

The project resulted in significant achievements for both employees and businesses. Employees gained access to affordable and flexible payment options, enabling them to purchase essential products and build positive credit histories through responsible financial behavior. Employers benefited from increased employee satisfaction and retention, as well as streamlined B2B relationships, making the collaboration process efficient and effective.


  • Percentage increase in the number of employees accessing essential products through SCHU's platform.

  • Percentage increase in employee satisfaction and engagement levels reported by partner businesses.

  • Percentage reduction in the number of employees facing financial hardship due to limited access to credit.

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