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Websites, UX/UI Design

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The Challenge

They already had a website that they created on Wix, but they needed help improving it to make it more branded and to add new functionalities. They were also looking for experts who could help them create custom screens that they couldn't achieve on Wix by themselves.

We were able to provide the customized screens that they required, and helped them enhance their website's functionality and branding. With these improvements, their website became more visually appealing and user-friendly, providing a better experience for their visitors.

Harvard Builders Club

The project focused on creating a landing page for the Harvard Builders Club, providing information on club activities, upcoming events, and speakers. Members can reserve event spots through the website. The club supports Harvard entrepreneurs and those interested in startups by offering resources, networking opportunities, and access to investors.

Overall, the Harvard Builders Club aims to create a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and innovators who can collaborate, learn, and grow together, with the ultimate goal of creating a positive impact on society.

The Solution

Singular Agency sponsored them for their upcoming event, and in exchange, they asked us to create a website for the event. 

Our initial strategy was to focus on the event and create a landing page that would generate interest and excitement. We worked closely with Singular Agency to ensure that the page had all the relevant information, including the event location, date, and time. Once the landing page was complete, we continued to build out the rest of the website with additional relevant information and content.

By focusing on the event first, we were able to generate buzz and attract attendees, which in turn helped to promote Singular Agency as the official sponsor. Overall, the website served as an effective tool for both promoting the event and showcasing Singular Agency's sponsorship, while also providing valuable information to visitors.

"Our goal is to create a landing page that will enable Harvard alumni to discover the Harvard Builders Club, reserve their spot at upcoming events, and learn more about the organization's mission to support their start-ups."

The Outcome

After creating the landing page for the Harvard Builders Club's February event, we sent out invitations to Harvard alumni and other entrepreneurs, helping to generate a buzz and increase attendance. As the club continued to hold more events, we worked with them to create additional pages and screens to promote these events, making the website a valuable tool for communication and advertising among members.

Now, the website serves as an effective communication tool and a hub of information for members of the Harvard Builders Club, providing them with all the latest information on upcoming events, as well as a means to register and reserve their spot. The website has become a crucial component of the club's outreach efforts, enabling them to attract more members and grow their community of entrepreneurs and innovators.

In summary, by creating a user-friendly and professional website, we helped the Harvard Builders Club to effectively promote their events and communicate with their members. The website has become a valuable tool for the club's outreach efforts, enabling them to attract more members and grow their community.

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