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Burger King


Angular, NestJS, Postgres, Ionic 6


UX/UI Design, Development

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The Challenge

The slowness of the first application was a major issue that needed to be addressed in order to improve the overall performance and usability of the project. Although there were some impressive features in the initial version, there was still significant room for improvement in terms of speed and ease of use.

Burger King

Our project is a mobile application that is designed to streamline the process of ordering food from BURGER KING. The app is centered around the idea of convenience and accessibility, with the goal of making it easy for users to explore the BURGER KING menu and place their orders quickly and easily.

The Solution

To address the performance issues with the application, a team comprising the client, development leader, design leader, CEO, and product owner held an action plan meeting. During this meeting, they brainstormed various strategies to improve the app's speed, user interface, and overall functionality.

After a detailed discussion, the team identified the most critical issues that needed to be addressed and created a backlog of tasks to be executed. This backlog served as a roadmap for the team, outlining the steps they needed to take to improve the application's performance.

The backlog was divided into different categories, such as UI/UX, functionality, and performance, and included tasks such as optimizing the codebase, redesigning certain elements of the app, and investing in faster and more reliable servers and infrastructure.

“Our mobile application redefines convenience for BURGER KING patrons, offering a hassle-free experience to effortlessly order their favorite food with a few simple taps.”

The Outcome

The project is still evolving, with the team focused on achieving their goals of launching the first version of the mobile application and website by the end of April 2023, with significant improvements to speed and user interface/experience.

The team has made substantial progress towards these objectives, working diligently to optimize the server and streamline the app's codebase to improve performance and reduce load times. They have also made significant modifications to the user interface and user experience, taking into account feedback from users, to ensure that the app and website are intuitive, easy to use, and provide a seamless ordering experience.

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